Версия: 2b2 (Qt 4.x)
Сайт: ссылка...
Лицензия: GPL

PLCEdit is a freeware source code editor for PLC programming.

PLCEdit can read and edit POU files, comptible to Moeller Sucosoft (v4/v5) and XSoft, CoDeSys export files (v2.x), Siemens IL/SCL and KW-Software IL/ST sources.
With PLCEdit it is possible to create different types of files, Program, Function block, Function and Global Variable List.

Ключевые особенности:

  • support for Moeller, CoDeSys, KW-Software and Siemens sources
  • programming languages are Instruction List and Structured Text
  • batch converting module
  • sessions as POU links in a file
  • file view and print dialogs

Список изменений:

  • rewritten codebase (Qt 4.3)
  • enhanced interface (esp. Mac OS X)
  • support for KW-Software IL/ST sources
  • translations (EN/DE/FR)